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Meanings and Messages

 intercultural business communication

A text and casebook for language and business students at BA level.

Written by experienced teachers and researchers from Aalborg University, University of Southern Denmark, University of Aarhus, Copenhagen Business School, and Aarhus School of Business, Meanings and Messages offers a new and updated approach to intercultural communication.

Meanings and Messages introduces students to culture, communication and business and contains authentic examples of how Danish companies deal with intercultural issues in various text genres. Study questions, classroom exercises and project ideas are included.


• Culture in a business context
• Communication - transmitting messages or fusing horizons?
• Made in Denmark – global perspectives
• Texts and localization
• The translator as cultural mediator
• English and Danish business negotiations
• B2B Websites in an intercultural perspective
• Speech acts in sales letters
• Politeness in Danish and French e-mails
• Business students and culture – searching for a toolbox

Meanings and Messages is equally relevant for professionals working within the field of language and intercultural communication.
Meanings and Messages

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08. november 2007
Lasse Wolsgård

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