Foreign Language Education (i-bog)

Foreign Language Education (i-bog)



The purpose of this book is to present current trends and to entice students to reflect on didactic issues in elementary school foreign language teaching. As each chapter offers an independent input to a concrete and current issue in foreign language teaching, it is not the intent for the chapters of this book to be read from beginning to end. Some chapters are basic and general, while others are more specific; some accumulate and adhere to that which we know to be applicable while others present new approaches.

All chapters are based on a case from a specific teaching situation followed by a number of preliminary questions for reflection in order til identify – and subsequently expand – the didactic focus of the seperate chapter. After reading the chapter, the students are invited to connect the new knowledge with practice through relevant study questions. Finally, each chapter provides suggestions for further reading.

This i-book is a translated version of the Danish original work: Fremmedsprogsdidaktik - mellem fag og didaktik, Hans Reitzels Forlag 2018.

This is an i-book, an interactive book with added digital tools including search, notebook and reading aloud of the text. I-books can be accessed from a computer, tablet or smartphone from anywhere with internet access.

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