Building English

Building English

English for the construction industry



This vast, complicated and diverse industry employs and uses an incredibly wide range of skills and knowledge, each with its own highly specialised technical language, jargon and terminology. Getting to grips with them is therefore essential if we wish to prevent misunderstandings and the costly complications that could result.

This book offers a unique and totally new refreshing introductory approach to the technical language, materials and processes of the building & construction industry, via the use of:

• clear and straightforward language

• accurate and detailed drawings

• relevant and challenging exercises,

all put together in a sensible and logical structure employing an easy to follow lay-out.

Building English introduces the reader to the industry, the vast range of specialists who work in it and the technical language of its processes, materials and equipment, in a simple and logical way via detailed drawings and photographs supported with accompanying, explanatory text. Each chapter develops the construction process from start to finish in an easy to read format by following the actual building process, from the client’s initial idea to taking possession of the finished product. It thereby enables the reader to gain an overall, comprehensive understanding of the people, language, materials and processes that go together to make this, the vast, complicated and diverse industry it is.