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MedTech Marketing (i-bog)

A Business Model for Medical Technologies and Medical Devices

MedTech Marketing is for anyone who wants to make a difference within the MedTech industry (MedTech is short for medical devices and medical technologies).

“What does it take to be successful in the MedTech industry?” Seeking to answer this question, the book presents a business model, theory, concrete action plans, real-life case studies and best-in-class examples, alongside viewpoints from industry experts.


MedTech Marketing is a new discipline, but a highly necessary one. Time to market, sales curves and staying ahead of the competition are all becoming more challenging and complex, due to:

  • increased regulatory demands and changing payment structures
  • pressure on healthcare expenditures and reimbursement
  • the need for highly specialised competencies and value-based evidence
  • the need for optimal digital and analogue considerations in the marketing mix
  • universal and intense competition.


All of these are all costly elements that require strict focus and careful prioritisation.


If you are looking for a clear, straightforward, cost-efficient and structured process, this book offers a new MedTech model that addresses the industry’s challenges by guiding you all the way from idea generation to market success.


“The unique feature of this book is the complete presentation of how MedTech products come to life, from idea to design, development, testing, documentation and through to marketing and success.”

Henrik Harboe, entrepreneur and doctor


“The book puts MedTech in the spotlight, contributing to the creation of a common language – which is something very much lacking in the industry in general. Case studies throughout the book put the many topics into context in a constructive way.”

Niels Ole Andersen, regulatory expert

This is an i-book, an interactive version of the printed book with added digital tools including search, notebook and reading aloud of the text. I-books can be accessed from a computer, tablet or smartphone from anywhere with internet access. 

MedTech Marketing (i-bog)

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10. oktober 2017
Poul Kragh Jensen