Qualitative methods for Consumer Research

Qualitative methods for Consumer Research

The value of the qualitative approach in theory and practice



What is this book about?

Qualitative Methods for Consumer Research presents a range of essential topics for validly and reliably using qualitative methods, with a focus on consumer research. Consumer research should not be understood in a narrow marketing context, but more broadly to include time consumption, societal questions, and potential consumers (e.g. within product innovation/development). This book can be used to set up systematic procedures for an accurate and in-depth understanding and documentation of:

  • Behavioural acts
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Interpretations, opinions, perceptions, and attitudes
  • Why and how people can be engaged or immersed in different media and communication contexts
  • Why and how people use or interact with all kinds of services and products in their everyday lives.


Why is it important?

Qualitative Methods for Consumer Research provides guidelines on how to properly conduct interviews, make observations, and use document data. Furthermore, it outlines specific procedures for analysing textual, visual, and electronic information. You will learn:

  • Key concepts in qualitative methods
  • Systematic procedures for applying qualitative methods
  • How to make a good research design (e.g. research question, mixed method strategies, research approaches, and ethical issues)
  • Approaches for data collection (target group analysis, sampling techniques, probes)
  • How to analyse qualitative data (e.g. coding, discourse analysis, software programs, semiotics)
  • How to report on qualitative findings (validity and reliability)
  • Many examples of how to apply qualitative theory and methods in practice, from both university and commercial contexts.

Who is this book for?

Qualitative Methods for Consumer Research takes a cross-disciplinary perspective and is suitable as a textbook for teaching qualitative methods in many disciplines, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It is also appropriate as a reference for professionals working with qualitative methods seeking to enrich the quality of their consumer research.

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