Philosophy of Science (i-bog)

Perspectives on Organisations and Society

Philosophy of Science: Perspectives on Organisations and Society focuses on key positions in the philosophy of science: positivism, hermeneutics, phenomenology, structuralism, critical realism, social constructivism, pragmatism, and ANT. Key themes are also presented, both as scientifi c paradigms and as opposing positions such as realism and constructivism.

The book is designed to be practical. Each chapter concludes with an example case-study analysis that presents questions and conclusions relevant to the perspective covered in the chapter. Throughout, the book refl ects the viewpoint that philosophy of science is not just about general approaches to knowledge and the world, but is of highly specifi c importance to the way we work in practice.

Liv Egholm is an associate professor at the Department of Business and Politics, Copenhagen Business School.

This is an i-book, an interactive version of the printed book with added digital tools including search, notebook and reading aloud of the text. I-books can be accessed from a computer, tablet or smartphone from anywhere with internet access. 

Philosophy of Science (i-bog)

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04. august 2014
Marie Bruvik Heinskou